Things to Remember Before You Start Au Pairing

Although I only au paired in Italy for two months, I was still able to learn a couple of valuable lessons about this artful business that I wish I’d been told from Continue reading


What I Wish I Knew Before Volunteering Overseas As An English Teacher

Volunteer trips are slowly but surely becoming more popular nowadays, with more people willing to do meaningful travel rather than just ticking countries off the bucket list. That was my thinking as soon as I had finished school! So before I started university, I volunteered at Continue reading

Victory Guesthouse, Siem Reap

Having travelled to so many places before, this guesthouse gave me by far the best experience. It wasn’t a luxury hotel, but everyone here was just so friendly (so was every Cambodian I met!), not to mention their super cheap food that were just so hearty and delicious too. I stayed here for a month as a first-time solo traveller, and I absolutely cannot thank Victory Guesthouse enough for taking such good care of me.

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Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island

As a Sydneysider, I’m telling you right now that you absolutely cannot visit Australia without visiting Queensland, and Fraser Island is one of the many islands just off Queensland’s coast. Being the biggest sand island in the world and with tropical climates, it’s an important place when you think of the word: “biodiversity”! With 1,840km² of sand, Kingfisher Bay Resort is by far the most popular and possibly the biggest resort. It was voted ‘Best Beach Resort in Australia’ by the Discovery Travel Channel and has won six Australian Tourism and nine Queensland Tourism Awards. You can stay in: hotel rooms, a variety of villas (one bedroom loft villas, two bedroom standard villas, two bedroom spa villas, two bedroom loft villas, three bedroom spa villas, executive villas), house, lodge. Basically, that list showed the variety of accommodation options at Kingfisher Bay Resort, and for more information, click here.

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