Victory Guesthouse, Siem Reap

Having travelled to so many places before, this guesthouse gave me by far the best experience. It wasn’t a luxury hotel, but everyone here was just so friendly (so was every Cambodian I met!), not to mention their super cheap food that were just so hearty and delicious too. I stayed here for a month as a first-time solo traveller, and I absolutely cannot thank Victory Guesthouse enough for taking such good care of me.

Victory Guesthouse is a family-owned guesthouse situated in a quiet part of Siem Reap, but only a 15-20 minute walk to the town centre. It offers over 200 rooms, so it caters for anything from solo travellers like myself to large tour groups (for example, there was a group of scouts there with many parents and leaders).

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street that crosses the two buildings of Victory Guesthouse

Victory Guesthouse offers a wide range of free services including wifi, pick up from Siem Reap airport, room cleaning everyday (as long as you give them your key), 2 bottles of water whenever room is cleaned, hot water in showers (this option isn’t necessarily available everywhere in Cambodia, but you definitely need it as it gets boiling hot all year round), guide book with a map of Siem Reap, safety deposit.

Moy and her sister (the owners) are also more than willing to help you contact places and organise your modes of transport (usually a tuk tuk for shorter trips) for wherever you want to go (including longer trips that are out of town such as Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville)! If you want to go on a group tour, they can also organise that for you! For me, they’d organised all my trips, and I am forever thankful for that. For a list of trips that I made while in Siem Reap, click here.

For $1 USD per kilo, you can also get your washing done. For me, that was at least once a week, and they even dried  and folded everything up for me.

For rooms as cheap as $10 USD a day for a very spacious single room with fans, even breakfast is included. I went during January-February, and I felt that fans were definitely cool enough. Even if you’re travelling solo, every room has either a king-sized double bed for you or two single beds, so you’re guaranteed to sleep with comfort every night! Of course, the beds are no different if you have a double, triple or a family room.


My room at Victory Guesthouse

Keep in mind though, that if you look at the room rates online, they tend to be a couple of dollars more expensive (but still very cheap) than if you simply asked them at the reception. From what I heard, in Cambodia accommodation always seemed to be cheaper when you book at the reception than beforehand, so remember to pretend that you’re spontaneously booking for a guesthouse. I also got a further discount on my accommodation fee as I was in Cambodia as a volunteer.Tip: if you’re volunteering, you can also ask them to put a fridge in your room, and they’ll do it right away for you.

I have to admit, I have highly enjoyed eating their free breakfast. I was there for long enough to try everything on their breakfast menu, but my favourites were definitely their noodles and their fresh fruits. I met two friends at the guesthouse who ended up eating these every morning for two whole months, go figure.


Fresh fruits for breakfast!



The food at Victory Guesthouse is excellent to say the least, and they cook everything right as you order them. Even if you’re not staying at their guesthouse, they’re more than happy to serve you food too. Food ranges from $2 USD to $4.50 USD and they offer both Khmer and Western food. My favourite Khmer dish at the guesthouse was by far the beef lok lak- stir-fried marinated beef served with fresh onions served on a bed of lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes and dipped in a sauce consisting of lime juice, sea salt and black pepper from Kampot in southern Cambodia, usually also served with a sunny side up egg.




They also have a drinks menu for you anytime of the day. My personal recommendation are their shakes. One particular friend of mine had an obsession with their mango shake, one loved the banana shake, while I loved their coconut shake. All of these were made from fresh fruits, rather than simply lots of sugar like the ones I claimed to love back in Sydney.


Mango shake with remnants of mango in it

Victory Guesthouse also offers a lot of al fresco seating area for you to socialise, connect with friends and family or do whatever you wish. They have a balcony area on the top floor (3rd floor) with a couple of seats for you to have smoke or for a look over the town. Downstairs is where all the food is served, and where you can meet travellers from all parts of the world and all walks of life. Personally, I find that this area had the most comfortable chairs and the best internet connection, so I stayed here pretty much every night to socialise with other travellers.

Tip: Keep that insect repellent handy though!

The only downside of the guesthouse was that the wifi was slow and was sometimes intermittent, but it was also very refreshing to be away from the computer screen while I was away from home.

Victory Guesthouse appears to have a lot of returning customers too. I can understand why! One particular person I met at the guesthouse said that it was his fifth time staying there, and this time, he was there for 3 months on a yoga retreat.

As Cambodia is a very popular place for Australians to travel to, after returning home I’ve pretty much convinced all my friends and family to stay here whenever they’re visiting. For me, it’s much better like this than staying at a really fancy hotel, as I felt like I was really interacting with the locals (I even got to play with Moy’s daughter a couple of times during my stay) while meeting people from all walks of life. What about you? What’s your opinion on accommodation options in a country like Cambodia?



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