A Sad Day at Turtle Conservation

Yesterday was a sad day. I saw many ways in which turtles all over the world are threatened. What I saw were things that I had only heard and read about about before I came to Ostional in Costa Rica. Iโ€™m still struggling to reconcile with the fact that all of this happened in one day, and all on one beach. Continue reading


Why I Love Airports

I love airports! Whenever someone in my family has to go to the airport for whatever reason, I always accompany them no matter how manyย ย errands I had to run. I secretly take pride in telling my friends the sentence: “Oh, sorry I’m unavailable for this event ‘coz I have to go to the airport.” My friends ย don’t understand my love for simply going to the airport, even if I’m not the one who’s leaving. Here’s why I love it so much: Continue reading