Why I Choose To Spend More Time With My Family As I Get Older

It was my birthday the other day, and I don’t know about you, but I always think back to what I was doing on this exact day a few years ago. Sure, I might not be able to remember all of these monumental days, but I can at least compare the one this year to the ones in recent years.

I realised that ever since I started uni three years ago, I’ve opted for birthdays spent with my family more than these monumental days spent with friends. And actually, I’ve realised that often I have opted to turn down social events and various freelance jobs throughout the year just to hang out with my family.

People, and sometimes myself too, don’t understand why. I mean, I still live at home. I can see my family every day. Right? But… Continue reading


Hotel Zum Bären (Triberg, Germany) Review

Although Triberg is a touristy town, it doesn’t have many accommodation options ad most people visit this place as a day trip. I didn’t want to spend too much time on public transport, so I decided to stay overnight and hoped that accommodation wouldn’t be too expensive. As a student, I of course booked the cheapest place I could get, and this is one of those times that I’m so chuffed with my decision. Continue reading

A Young Person’s Honest Thoughts On Hostels

When I was booking my accommodation for Germany, all I had in mind was money. I wanted to spend my money on other things that I considered necessary, like transport costs and museum entry fees. For me, because I was only staying at each place for one or two nights, I didn’t care how bad the hostel conditions were. And now that I’ve returned from my trip, I counted that out of 19 nights, I had 8 nights in a hostel accommodation. That also meant I had 8 nights of terrible sleep. That’s almost half my trip! Continue reading

Reflections On Schiltach, Germany

Schiltach is by far my favourite town in the Black Forest so far, and trust me, my whole trip is basically just visiting lots of little towns inside the Schwarzwald. It’s the town that’s been burned down so much throughout history, but has been the most meticulously restored. It’s like a chocolate block of half timbered housing. What makes this place even more special is that it’s at the confluence of two rivers- Kinzig and Schiltach rivers. There’s something really soothing about the continuous sound of flowing water. Continue reading

Reflections on Ottenhöfen im Schwarzwald

The best travel tip I have ever received is to travel locally, and on this trip this meant that I deliberately chose places away from the cities. Places that travel guides don’t tell you about. Places that the locals go but the tourists have never heard of, or better, even locals have not heard of it yet. Places where your google search might only come up with one reliable website as a resource. Continue reading

My Experience With German Rail So Far

Before I came to Germany, I had heard so much about German efficiency. It was almost like a phrase that could just roll off your tongue. People had given me high expectations of their public transport system. However, I can’t help but feel so disillusioned with what is supposedly one of the best train networks in the world. I’ve only been here for 4 days, and here are some disastrous stories already:

Continue reading

Confessions of An Atypical Uni Student

I After three years of being at uni, I’m slowly realising that everything I was told in high school about this magical phase of my life hasn’t really happened. Every time I mention something that I love, or complain about something that I hate, someone will always go on to say that I’m crazy. But hey, that’s ok! I’m finally starting to embrace these abnormalities! Here’s a list of my confessions: Continue reading

Las Tortugas Pizzeria, Ostional

Life on our volunteer project was very pleasant. We were fed three meals a day, and this isn’t an exaggeration, but even till this day I still miss our chef Yami’s cooking. It was just such a balanced diet, with lots of rice, beans, vegetables, meat and fresh juice at every meal. However, we’re not Costa Ricans (unfortunately). We sometimes needed those fatty foods, and those sweets. Luckily, even a small town like Ostional has 2 restaurants in town. Las Tortugas Pizzeria was our go-to place. They did the best batidos I have ever tasted! When I travelled around the country after my volunteering project, I would order a batido with all my lunches and dinners (and some breakfasts too), but nowhere was the same as the pineapple ones from Las Tortugas. I really hope this post will inspire you to go to visit Ostional. Don’t forget to visit this wonderful pizzeria while you’re here. Continue reading